Clinical research for the life science industry

Q&T Research Sherbrooke specializes in conducting clinical research for the life science industry.

We take pride in focussing on Quality of processes as well as meeting Time commitments, hence the name Q&T Research Sherbrooke.

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Q&T Research At a Glance

Our Study Team

Q&T Research team consists of 25 medical-research professionals committed to deliver excellence and quality care in an environment where ethics and compliance drive their actions.

These professionals contribute to numerous clinical trials and have extended their expertise to a variety of medical specialties or sub-specialties like plamapheresis, CMI  with vaccines, Alzheimer, psychiatry, etc. 

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Our Facilities

Our 4500 square feet facility accommodates a medical staff of 5 general physicians, 7 coordinators and research nurses, 2 psychiatrists, a gynecologist, a pharmacist, a nutritionist and a research assistant.

CRAs are offered a private environment with 3 offices and immediate access to computer, internet, copier, scanner and fax. 

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Therapeutic Areas

Circulatory system
Men health


Apheresis is a medical technology used to extract plasma from the donor’s blood and return the other blood components to the donor’s blood stream. This enables the extraction of a greater quantity of plasma than through the traditional method of whole blood donation, in which blood is collected as one unit and later separated into components. 

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